Zippora Elders


Amsterdam (NL), Berlin (DE)


Zippora is a curator and lives and works in Amsterdam and Berlin. She is director of Kunstfort bij Vijfhuizen, an art space and UNESCO heritage in Haarlemmermeer, and co-curator of the international quadriennale sonsbeek20–24, in Arnhem. She regularly writes for publications, Dutch magazines such as Metropolis M and De Witte Raaf, and teaches at art schools (Rietveld Academie, KABK, AHK a.o.).

Zippora is curator-at-large for Constant 1 0 1

Zippora joined the Constant 1 0 1 team in 2019. She was recommended by former board member Ludo van Halem because of her work experience in multidisciplinary art and design projects. With a broad network, strong ties with new makers and diverse communities, and a background in art history, heritage studies and museum conservatorship, she proved to be invaluable for the project. Zippora is also an advisor and board member for organizations in the cultural sector, particularly in the field of crossover, nightlife and digital culture.