Dani Luca


Den Haag (NL)


Renowned pianist and cymblist uses Constant as inspiration to create musical arrangements. 

As De Muzikanten, pianist and cymbalist Dani Luca and violinist Noa Eyl create a musical program of arranged musical pieces and improvisations. 

About the musician

Born in a musical family, music was something Dani Luca grew up with and it was evident to play an instrument. The cimbalom was the main instrument that has been passed down for generations.

From the age of eight, Dani Luca also began with playing the piano which led to studying at the Royal Conservatoire in The Hague and finishing his Master’s degree in 2011. Because he plays both instruments, many opportunities have given me to play with various artists and orchestras. Having opportunities as playing with orchestras as, Radio Philharmonic (Holland), Schleswig Holsteiner Orchestra, University orchestra of Aachen. And with various artist among them are, Rosanne Philippens, Emmy Storms, Nynke Laverman.