Aafke Romeijn




Aafke Romeijn, musician, journalist & writer. Beats, razor-sharp lyrics and analog synthesizers: Aafke Romeijn (1986) is the uncrowned queen of Dutch-language electropop. Think: Spinvis meets Daft Punk meets Peaches, and you’re already well on your way. Maybe you know her from Alles Went, the hipster song she made with Sef, maybe you saw her run past on twitter: Aafke is never afraid to speak her mind. Her debut novel Concept M was published by De Arbeiderspers in April 2018, and her new album M, the soundtrack to the book, was released in May 2019. Her cat’s name is Henk [Source: www.aafkeromeijn.nl]. For Constant 101 she is one of the poets of the Constant special edition of De Gids out December 2021. Her poem is called Europalaan.