Sandra Denningmann

Sandra Denningmann designs theatrical spaces and is specialized in a visual language. In her work as a stage designer, Sandra has become very interested in spaces outside the theatre. Through an extensive artistic research, she has developed an approach for theatrical productions that relies on visual language rather than dramatic texts. Those performative spaces give a lot of room for interpretation to the audience and invite the audience to co-create a shared cultural experience.

Together with Channa de Vries (both Master of Education in Art at the Breitner Academy), they created a curriculum for third year MAVO students in which they investigate the function of the public space using Constant’s ideas and legacy.

Sandra incorporates her experience as a theatre maker into her own concepts for art education. She is convinced that education needs to pay close attention to digital craftsmanship. According to Sandra, we have to teach a new generation that they are not mere customers within the digital realm. In fact, the new generation is perfectly able to take matters into their own hands. If students would design spaces and environments themselves, instead of merely using and accepting them as-is, they would get a sense of self-sufficiency in the face of complex systems and interrelations. Art education could play a crucial role for teaching digital skills and, at the same time, it embeds the students into a broader social context.