Channa de Vries


Channa de Vries is a ceramicist, illustrator and art teacher. She teaches students at a mavo/vmbo TL level high school. Channa loves teaching a variety of courses. She prefers to complement the more traditional visual art techniques like drawing, painting and ceramics, with technologically advanced courses like digital animation.

Together with Sandra Denningmann (Master of Education in Art at the Breitner Academy), Channa created a curriculum for third year MAVO students in which they investigate the function of the public space using Constant’s ideas and legacy.

Channa is also involved with the creation of a Tech-Lab. This is a space for creators that focuses on innovation for art education and the crossover between art and technology. Channa works together with her students in order to develop an educational programme that meets the level and needs in art education for high school students at a mavo/vmbo TL level.