Lucas de Man


Amsterdam (NL)


Lucas de Man is artistic director of Nieuwe Helden, and works as a (freelance) director, actor and concept developer. He presents various cultural TV programs including Kunstuur (AVROTROS). He often hosts large and small events in the Netherlands and Belgium, gives lectures and is an occasional guest lecturer.

For Constant 1 0 1 Lucas de Man will present a video series in which he talks with the participating artists. The series will be produced by Company New Heroes and directed by Joep van Osch.

Lucas on Constant

What appeals most to Lucas de Man about Constant’s work, is his dreams of and for a different world. Constant thought of how things could be different and visualized that. This is one of the strengths of art, visualizing other possibilities. A power that we can put to good use now more than ever. 

Academic background

Lucas graduated in Germanic Languages at the KU Leuven in 2004. He subsequently studied directing at the Amsterdam School of the Arts and won the Matthijs Prijs for young talent at Artemis and the Jong Talent Prijs at Theater aan Zee, before graduating in 2008.