Company New Heroes


Amsterdam (NL)

Company New Heroes is an Amsterdam-based professional creative company, working with a fixed team of heroes and a tight-knit international network of creators. In the past 13 years, they’ve created over 100 projects in over 20 countries and built a network of more than 200 creators.


Company New Heroes is part of the Video series project with presentor, Lucas de Man, directed by Joep van Osch.

In a world where there is no longer one truth, one shared story, and a world that is divided by a multitude of opinions, there is more than ever before a need to truly connect. That is why Company New Heroes creates compelling stories and projects that connect you to yourself, one another, and the world.

Company New Heroes aims to inspire you in your quest to discover the ‘why’ of life and provide a moment in which you can just be. With their stories, they create the common ground where these encounters can take place. Where the ‘not-knowing’, the ‘searching’ and ‘being human’ can be shared.