Digital gallery 0→1 just launched!

When Ksenia Nunis left us as our social media content creator, we were of course sad to see her go. But we are very proud of her new venture! The newly launched Contemporary Gallery 0→1 marks an exciting new step for Ksenia. We are thrilled to celebrate this with her and invite you to explore 0→1, which showcases a variety of artists, digital exhibitions, and a unique shopping experience.

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Initially started in 2017 under the name VVOVVA, 0→1 has always aimed to foster connections among artists, galleries, and art enthusiasts. This digital space blends the future, nature, and technology, creating a unique cultural experience. Although over the years its focus has transitioned from design to contemporary art, its core mission remains unchanged. Today, 0→1 stands as more than just a digital gallery; it’s a thriving community supporting emerging talents in contemporary art.

Our platform is a community for artists. At 0→1 Gallery, we’re dedicated to supporting, amplifying, and celebrating their creative visions. Their creativity and passion are the driving forces behind our mission and our future.

Recognizing the challenges faced by physical galleries in the digital era, 0→1 leverages online opportunities to empower artists and galleries, helping them to flourish in the digital landscape.


0_1 gallery ESC 2033


View on the virtual exhibition ESC 2033: Navigating In Digital (2023)


0_1 gallery ESC 2031


Artworks and film stills from exhibition ESC 2031 AW: Fall into the Future


A standout initiative of 0→1 is the ESC series (short for “escape”), a collection of digital exhibitions curated by Ksenia Nunis in collaboration with visionary galleries and curators. These exhibitions and open calls delve into the intersection of nature, technology, and our evolving human role.

Take, for instance, the recent ESC 2033: Navigating In Digital (April 20, 2023). This exhibition unfolds across two digital realms: a virtual 3D gallery and a magazine publication. It invites viewers into an immersive virtual world, allowing them to navigate and interact with a selection of artworks using their mouse and keyboard.

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