Saying goodbye to Isaäc Vogelsang 👋🏼

From the beginning of Constant 101 till August 31 Isaäc Vogelsang was our social media content creator for Instagram. With a good eye for the art works and a nose for stories and corky details, he managed to bring Constant and his work to life for our followers.

We really appreciated having Isaäc around. He is easy to get along with and no matter what he always came to openings, lectures, performances and other projects.

Thank you Isaäc for your dedication and creativity. Good luck in your new job!

And don’t be a stranger!

🙌🏽 🙌🏻 🙌🏿


Isaäc Vogelsang | Gert-Jan van Duijm


Isaäc | Photo: Gert-Jan van Duijm