Over het IJ


Amsterdam (NL)

Over ‘t IJ Festival develops and presents location theatre in an urban context that helps to create a positive impact on the city. Over ‘t IJ works with both new and established makers, always in relation to current urban themes and at special urban locations and areas that are under development. With location theatre, Over ‘t IJ connects people, offers new insights into urban issues and creates unforgettable, unique experiences.

Together with Fondation Constant, Poetry Circle Nowhere, the HKU Master Scenography and Feikes Huis, Over het IJ produces the VR theater experience installation Enter New Babylon.


Over het IJ festival, foto Marten de Paepe-1


Over het IJ festival, foto Marten de Paepe-2

For Over ‘t IJ Festival, Enter New Babylon is a perfect example of a project in which their vision and fundamental beliefs are reflected. Enter New Babylon searches for the new and exiting in an urban context. It also gives a chance for new talent to develop their skills while giving them an opportunity to work close together with established makers. Together, the various makers are looking for an exciting new form to make a contemporary version of Constant’s New Babylon and to give their own perspective on new urbanity and how we (want to) live. Over ‘t IJ Festival is therefore very pleased to participate in this project and sees it as a valuable addition to her programming.  


Over het IJ festival, foto Marten de Paepe-3


Photo's: Marten de Paepe

Involved with Enter New Babylon: Simone Hogendijk (director), Arthur Kneepkens (artistic coordinator art & society program).

Team: Simone Hogendijk (director), Mick Stevens (business director), Mechteline van Es (management assistant & development), Marieke van Oosten (head of marketing and communication), Iris Kodde (junior marketing and communication), Teun Westhoff (checkout coordinator), Annemarijn Zanting (head of production), Bob Ages (head of production), Elise de Fooij (producer sea container program), Alexandra Broeder (artistic supervisor of the sea container program), Antsje van der Zee (creative producer Het Atelier), Maurice Bogaert (artistic supervisor Het Atelier), Celine Rietmeijer (volunteer coordination)