Publications that touched us

Last month Constant’s work was used in two publications that touched us for different reasons.

In the September issue of het Nederlands Juristenblad the publisher requested the image 8 X La guerre nr. 8 to print as a memoriam for Derk Wiersum, the Criminal Defense Attorney, who had been shot dead in front of his house in Amsterdam on September 18th, 2019. The image of the large cat attacking a flying dove with a knife felt spot on. It symbolises how fragile society seems to be against the criminal underworld. Where our perceived safety in flight is all of a sudden demolished by this reaching hand with a knife.
Our thoughts go out to the family, friends and colleagues that Derk Wiersum leaves behind. And we hope that all other people working on keeping the world we live in safe find the courage to continue doing this.

The Analog Sea Review was another publication that jumped out at us. When we received the copy it was beautifully wrapped Japanese style in black tissue paper. A little gift. The periodical publication had a hard cover and was printed on quality paper. It reminded me of Christmas as a child when I would get a much desired new book, which I would start reading immediately. I’m not much of a collector but the book filled with essays, stories and poems accompanied by art works looks like a collector’s item. One of a series that one longs to have on the bookshelf.


Publications that touched us-3


Publications that touched us-1


Left: The Analog Sea Review, featuring the painting The Crowd [II] (Constant, 1996); right: the September issue of Nederlands Juristenblad, featuring the lithograph 8 x La guerre nr. 8 (Constant, 1951).