Joep van Lieshout and Constant

Sometimes friends or colleagues from our network send us texts in which Constant or his work is mentioned or images of Constant’s work appearing in the media. This is great because by no means, can we track everything ourselves. And sometimes we receive images in which neither Constant, nor his work appears but in which he is present. As a reference. Like the photo of Joep van Lieshout by photographer Diederik den Dikkenboer.


Joep van Lieshout soldeert. Photo Diederik den Dikkenboer


Joep van Lieshout, photo Diederik den Dikkenboer


Constant soldeert, 1959. Photo Bram Wisman


Photo Bram Wisman

Quack quack

In the recent photo, Diederik den Dikkenboer takes a similar angle as photographer Bram Wisman did in 1959. He shoots the subject from a slightly lower side angle. Both Joep and Constant are probably not really working on the model but posing as if they are working. They hold the soldering iron with their right hand, feeding iron thread with their left. Inclining their heads towards the model with a slightly creased forehead and concentrated look.

I always appreciate these little winks that artists give eachother. In the end, imitation is the highest form of praise, right? I emailed Atelier van Lieshout to show them the photo and ask after the photographer but the studio manager claimed that the photos just happen to look alike.

No matter. I think that both Joep van Lieshout and Diederik den Dikkenboer are probably more knowledgable artists than to take an identical photo by happenstance. Also, if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it’s probably a duck. Or in this case a reference..