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Cobra 75: Freedom Without Borders


Fauna, 1949


Fauna, 1949

The exhibition Freedom without Borders. From Appel to Van Gogh is the highlight of the anniversary year, celebrating the 75th anniversary of the international Cobra movement (1948 – 1951)! A must-see for anyone interested in modern art and a unique opportunity to see these revolutionary and inspiring works up close.

Discover surprising combinations in this exhibition featuring 120 artworks by artists such as Klee, Picasso, Appel, Van Gogh, Constant, Miró, Ferlov, Beckmann, Alechinsky, Pollock, De Kooning, Basquiat, Corneille, Van der Gaag, Brown, Schwitters and Munch. 

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Cobra Museum voor Moderne Kunst, Amstelveen