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Dreamer: episode four of Constant 1-on-1 the podcast


Podcast Dreamer

This four-episode series dives into Constant’s practice as an artist, his life and the context in which he operated and built his oeuvre. Ans Boersma and Thijs van Elten dig into the archive and question friends, art historians and contemporary artists about the relevance of a legacy like Constant’s in today’s world. Listen here or find Constant 1-on-1 The podcast on Spotify or wherever you listen to podcasts.

In episode three we have explored in which ways Constant himself was a homo ludens and what role music played in his life (and work). In this last episode we pick up the story mid seventies. Constant has concluded his New Babylon project and has started painting again. He is looking for new inspiration and finds it with the old masters. He meets Fanny Kelk and she inspires him on this new path. In this episode we look at how Constant’s art changed and what led him to these changes? And we touch on the big question that every artist asks themselves at the end of their life: is my life’s work finished?


This episode investigates what Constant’s influence is on artists and architects today. What can we learn from Constant today, and how do his ideals and vision help us with problems and challenges that society faces? Episode four features contemporary artists and architects, curators and people who knew Constant during these last years.

Kim van der Horst: director at Fondation Constant
Laura Stamps: curator of Modern and Contemporary Art at Kunstmuseum Den Haag
Floris Alkemade: architect and former government architect
Ludo van Halem: curator of 20th Century Art at Rijksmuseum
Antonis Pittas: artist
Alex Timmerman: musician and friend of Constant

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